Environmental Sustainability

Zero Waste

Moving our facilities toward “zero waste” is one of DeCA’s significant environmental priorities.  In 2016 we continued to make progress toward that goal through existing waste reduction initiatives as well as investigating new ways to reduce waste and improve business practices.

Whether diverting waste from landfills through recycling, organics reuse, or donating food to local food banks, we are helping our communities and increasing our efficiency, all while saving tax payer dollars.

A piechart showing the types of waste diverted from landfills in FY16.


Food Waste Diversion

A 2011 DeCA study indicated that 60-70% of the waste we sent to landfills was organic (or food related) waste.  Since that time, a number of initiatives have been implemented that considerably reduced that amount.

The text "over 7.5 million pounds of food donated" is displayed in a blue circle


The text "over 44 million pounds of food waste diverted" is displayed in a red rectangle.


Commercial and industrial reuse



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