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Building 407 MCRD Wake Boulevard
Parris Island, SC 29905
United States

Parris Island MCRD

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Store Hours

Normal Hours
1030 - 1800
0930 - 1900
0930 - 1900
0930 - 1800
Deli Hours
1030 - 1800
0930 - 1900
0930- 1900
0930 - 1900
0930- 1800

Commissary Leadership

John E. Hall

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Gibbs

Store Director

Command Master Chief Mario S. Rivers

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the DeCA Director

John E. Hall

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Gibbs

Store Director

Command Master Chief Mario S. Rivers

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the DeCA Director

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours



Special Holiday Hours:


Sunday, December 24th, 2023 - Christmas Eve - 10:30-1600
Monday, December 25th, 2023 - Christmas - Closed
Monday, January 1st, 2024 - New Year's Day - Closed

Please enjoy time with your family this holiday season, we thank you for your continued patronage.














Items on Sale

DeCA celebrates its anniversary by delivering huge savings to troops and families in Commissary Sales Flyers for Sept. 25 – Oct. 8: https://corp.commissaries.com/our-agency/newsroom/news-releases/deca-ce… <https://usg01.safelinks.protection.office365.us/?rl=https%3A%2F%2Fcorp…;

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Check out our featured sale items and sales flyer.

In the summertime, the sizzling grill becomes a focal point where stories

are shared and memories are created. So, for that upcoming family or unit

barbecue, check out the latest @yourcommissary Savvy Shopper Sales Flyer

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Sidewalk Sales




Department Telephone Numbers


Store Information: 2383

Grocery: 4054

Produce: 2862

Customer Service: 3847

Meat: 2825

Deli/Bakery: 2768

Secretary: 2383

Special Information


Plan your next outdoor cooking event with our Thrill of the Grill Shopping

List: https://shop.commissaries.com/the-thrill-of-the-grill

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Create a disaster plan before severe weather hits, use your commissary benefit to help you save at least 25 percent on your supplies.

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Find out how you can start shopping: https://corp.commissaries.com/extended-eligibility

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Wherever they are, service members and their families can benefit from extra

savings with the Defense Commissary Agency Savvy Shopper Sales Flyer. To see

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Learn how commissaries promote food security by providing quality products

at low prices and tips on nutrition: https://corp.commissaries.com/stronger-together 

Our Dietitian Approved Thinking Outside the Box recipes offer quick, healthy

and economical solutions for your busy lifestyle:


Start the New Year right when you build your basket with us at your Commissary. Look for the Dietitian Approved Thumb label when shopping your commissary.

To learn more visit:


@YourCommissary is a home away from home when military families need them most. We are here to save you money on items you use the most like: bread, eggs, milk and more:


Learn how commissaries promote food security by providing quality products at low prices and tips on nutrition: https://corp.commissaries.com/stronger-together 

EVEN MORE SAVINGS AT YOUR COMMISSARIES! The Department of Defense’s “Taking Care of Service Members and Families” initiative, (TCOP). The TCOP has allowed us to lower prices and support military families. For more information please visit: https://corp.commissaries.com/our-agency/newsroom/news-releases/even-more-savings-your-commissaries-dod-invests-extra-funding

Commissary CLICK2GO is now right at your fingertips with their new MOBILE APP! Start shopping now by downloading the app from the App store (Apple) or Google Play Store

Commissary CLICK2GO customers can now use MILITARY STAR cards for their online purchases. Patrons using Commissary CLICK2GO, the Defense Commissary Agency’s online shopping and curbside pickup service, can now use the MILITARY STAR card to purchase their groceries through the website.

We are proud to offer our customers our new CLICK2GO service!

Visit: https://corp.commissaries.com/shopping/click-2-go.

Join our noble cause to serve the most deserving.

We are Hiring – Learn More!

We now accept the Military Star Card, which offers greater convenience to service members and their families.

Now Open 7 Days a Week!

Parris Island Commissary has been selected to participate in a 7-Day-A-Week Test Program. We will be open on Mondays from 0930-1900 with limited operations. Self-Check Out registers will be the Commissaries primary register to check out our patrons and Deli/Bakery/Sushi/custom meat orders will be very limited.  

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Link to Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CoX7F-yOXZo/ 

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Guest Rules


Please direct all inquiries about base access at the gate. 843-228-3710/3654.

Special Order Information

Need something special for your event? Your commissary accepts special orders on our products. Contact your store for more information.

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