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Store Hours

Normal Hours
1000 - 1900
1000 - 1900
1000 - 1900
1000 - 1900
1000 - 1900
1000 - 1900
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Bldg 22021 Arc Light Blvd
Andersen AFB, Yigo 96929

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours

Effective Tuesday, June 22nd, Your Andersen Commissary Hours will be as follows:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 0800 - 1900

Wednesday: 0800 - 1900

Thursday: 0800 - 1900

Friday: 0800 - 1900

Saturday: 0800 - 1900

Sunday: 0800 - 1900

Early Bird Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday

0800 - 1000  Only SCOs will be used.  Regular lanes will open at 1000-1900.

Only 20 items or less at the SCOs.


Items on Sale

No items on sale at this time.

Sidewalk Sales




Department Telephone Numbers

Grocery Department: 366-6297

Produce Department: 366-5210

Meat Department: 366-3294

Deli/Bakery/Sushi Department: 366-4782

Customer Service Department: 366-5136/5159/3385

ID Desk: 366-2264

Admin Office: 366-5134/3965/4781/2425

Special Information

Per directive from base command, there is a limit of one (1) shopping cart per family, per day and a Limit of 100 patrons in the commissary shopping at one time.

In efforts to better control stock availability for all authorized patrons, purchase limits have been put on select items until further notice. The following items are limited to a purchase of two (2) per family, per day: dish soap, all household cleaners, hand soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning vinegar, bleach, antibacterial gels/wipes/sprays, and alcohol.


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Learn about the policies related to delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables to your Andersen AFB commissary.

Nutrition Guide Program

Discover how the Nutrition Guide Program makes it easier for shoppers to find nutritious products in the commissary.

Guest Rules

* In response to COVID-19, the 36 WG/CC has declared a Public Health Emergency. Effective March 18th, Andersen Air Force Base is in Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Bravo with some Charlie measures. Andersen Commissary access will be limited to Mission Essential Personnel (MEP) who have authorized privileges Tuesday through Friday. All other personnel with privileges will have access Saturday and Sunday.

Under HPCON Bravo MEP are defined as the following:

1. Active duty military and United States Coast Guard personnel and their dependents

2. National Guard and Reserve on Title 10 orders and their dependents

3. Members of 254 ABG on AGR orders and their dependents

4. DoD civilian employees and their dependents

5. Full-time contractors

6. DeCA and AAFES employees.

All personnel will take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as ensuring social distancing with no person-to-person contact. Maintain a six-foot distance from others at all times.

The Installation Commander requires advance approval to bring guests into the commissaries in Guam. The general rule is that only authorized patrons are allowed entry into the commissary. This policy restricts access in order to minimize the potential for abuse. To protect the commissary benefit, I.D. cards will be verified upon entry and checkout.

Special Order Information

Produce and Deli/Bakery

Special orders require 48 hour notice. Check out our fruit trays and veggie trays in our produce department and our deli and pastry platters, cheese trays, sandwich trays, and cakes in our deli/bakery department. Perfect for parties, fiestas and gatherings. Contact the the produce department at 366-5210 and our deli/bakery department at 366-4782. 

Grocery Items

Commissary product assortments are determined by our sales directorate, which manages contracts with manufacturers at DeCA's headquarters. You can submit requests directly to the sales directorate by filling out a Patron Communication Form in the store, or you can use our online Customer Comment Form

Another option is to bring your suggestion to the attention of store management, who will then work with the Sales Directorate to research and respond to your request. You may request to speak to a manager during a commissary visit, or contact commissary management by phone or e-mail at your convenience.

When requesting a product, please provide the name and the Universal Product Code (UPC) of the item, as this will expedite the research process and help our Sales Directorate respond to your request. The UPC can be found below the bar code imprinted on a product's label or package, and helps our Sales Directorate identify the exact product you are requesting.

Please note that new items must first be added to DeCA's Catalog Master File (CMF) before they can be picked up in overseas commissaries. Additionally, overseas packing, shipping and shelf life requirements sometimes make it impossible for us to offer some products overseas.

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